Twinwall Correx is an extruded polypropylene board that is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Correx has very good stiffness due to the twin-walled, fluted surface. Correx sheets are corona treated to make it ink receptive and provides a cost effective option for indoor and short term outdoor signs.

Polypropylene this is a tough material that remains usable at low temperatures. It has excellent chemical resistance and good fatigue resistance with very low moisture absorbency. It is easy to thermoform and can be fabricated and welded. It is ideal for cladding applications as it can with stand repeated steam cleaning.

Correx has applications in signage, packaging, printing, advertising, point of sale, storage, transport and general industrial areas.
Correx can also be used for estate agent boards and packaging.

Temporary workspace partitions allow your business to continue its critical activities, whilst providing improved safety for your staff when considering the current Corona-virus pandemic.

Easy To Fabricate

Easy to Cut

Economically Priced

Easy To Fabricate


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